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Volunteer Opportunities

Sort and Pack Events


What is a sort and pack event?
How can I help?

ShareFest receives donated food or sometimes purchases food to give away at events. These food items need to be sorted and packed in boxes in order to give the boxes away at drive through giveaway events to the public. 


What is Recyclepalooza? How can I help?

Recyclepalooza is a 1-day event (generally 6-7 hours) that allows residents of from multiple counties to come to one location to drop off electronics, wood, metal, and house hold chemicals/paint for proper disposal. People can also drop off books, clothing, and food for donation. This event needs dozens of volunteers that can help take recyclables from each participants' cars and place them in the proper locations to be carted away and disposed of properly by partnering organizations.  

People can register to volunteer at Recyclepalooza by visiting 

Collections for the Troops

How can I help collect for the troops?

Each year, Linda Paschall from Catholic Charities and VFW 9545 in New Lenox collects monetary donations and items for care packages to the troops. Each week Linda diligently sends out 4 care packages. However, the price of postage has gone up to $16.90 per box and so it is very important that volunteers not only help collect item donations but also monetary donations to send the packages. 


To help Linda with this honorable project for the troops overseas, click HERE

Love Thy Neighbor Mobile Events-NEW!

How can I help at a Mobile Event?

In years past, ShareFest has conducted a large main event that includes: clothing drive, book drive, home goods drive, food drive, blood drive, free legal services, and free health screenings (dental/eye exams), etc.

We believe at least 20-25 volunteers will be needed at EACH event to set up, run, and clean up. 


If you want to volunteer to help us click HERE

Food Drive at each
Mobile Event

How can I help with the Food Drive
at the Mobile Event?

Each year, the Northern Illinois Food Bank delivers a truck load of donated food and other needed items to the ShareFest Main Event. This year, food will be distributed to those in need at our 6 different mobile events. 

To help out with the food drive at a "Love Thy Neighbor"  event click HERE to register.

Book Drive at each Mobile Event

How can I help with the Book Drive at a Mobile Event?

Each year, ShareFest has more and more books donated. In 2017, ShareFest gave away 20,000 books. In order to make this run smoothly, volunteers are needed to sort and organize books at each mobile event. Volunteers also may be asked to help cart books to peoples' cars. 


To help with the Book Drive, click HERE.

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